FullPlate Experience

FullPlate is a mobile app that assists restaurants and consumers with dining services which include takeout, dine in and delivery. Their are also contact free solutions to keep customers and restaurants as safe as possible.

Food Delivery

Dine In – Utilizing the Dine In feature customers are able to reserve a time slot, order ahead and pay prior to coming into the dining location. Customer locates restaurant and places order. Each order is specific to that patron as they are required to attach a name to each order as to avoid confusion on the part of the server. Customers can pay for the entire order before they arrive for their reservation. Customer then tells the establishment when they plan on being at the restaurant, what time they would like their food delivered to the table and how long they would like for their dining experience to last. After receipt of confirmation of order the customer is provided an arrival button on the application to notify the restaurant that they have arrived in the parking lot. The restaurant then welcomes the customer inside of the restaurant once the table has been sanitized and the required number of patrons have exited the establishment thus making room for the incoming party. The restaurant is notified once the dining time is expired so that the wait staff can assist the consumer and usher them out. Once the patron has left the application allows the restaurant to update the number of consumers inside of the building.

Dine In (Contact Free) – Customers also have the option of selecting a Contact Free dine-in experience. During this experience customers will not have the option to select which time they would like for their food to be delivered to the table because their reservation time will also serve as their food delivery time. Once customers arrive to the restaurant they will take the same steps as the traditional FullPlate dining experience (arrival button). However, FullPlate instructs restaurant staff to have the order completed at the time that the customer is welcomed
into the restaurant. Upon entering the restaurant, customers will check in with the hostess while their order is delivered to their table. Customers will be ushered to their table where their food, and to go containers will be waiting for them. Restaurant staff is instructed not to have any contact with the customer unless said contact is initiated by the customer.

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Takeout – Customer can place and pay for an order through the application and choose what time they would like for their food to be ready. As with dining, customer is made aware through the app how many patrons are inside of the establishment. Restaurant sends confirmation of the order and informs the customer to hit the arrival button once they arrive at the establishment. When customer arrives and hits the arrival button on the app they are provided with a message to wait until they are either invited into the restaurant or that their staff is on their way out with their order. Restaurant provides notification to consumer welcoming them in to pick up order or telling them that their order will be delivered to their vehicle. Once the order is complete the restaurant is provided a button to adjust the number of patrons inside of the building.

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Delivery – FullPlate helps to manage deliveries for any restaurant currently using a traditional self-delivery option or providing their own delivery drivers as an alternative to third party delivery services (such as Ubereats, DoorDash, Grubhub, etc.). Contact free options are available as well. Patrons are able to place and pay for order on the app. Patrons are provided, by the restaurant, with an approximate time of delivery, notification once the driver has left to deliver and confirmation that the order has been delivered based on the patron selecting their preferred method (text, call or ring doorbell) of contact. Once patron has received the order, they can confirm through the app so that the delivery person can exit the premises. All food will be delivered in sealed tamper-proof bags in order to promote safety and cleanliness.