About FullPlate

FullPlate is a local company dedicated to the success of local businesses. We understand the ever-growing needs of consumers around the world to feel safe when eating out. By implementing COVID-19 compliant guidelines into every step of our app we strive to allow restaurant partners and customers a more safe, efficient and convenient process throughout the entire restaurant experience. 

Our Story

FullPlate, was an idea and concept that was originally founded in 2017 by Lorenzo Triblet, a graduate of Sage College, who had a very successful 12 year career in sales and management working for a national rental car and a linen company. After working many hours and watching restaurant owners pay third party takeout and delivery apps large portions of their bottom line while struggling to pay their essential restaurant bills Lorenzo saw a need. He decided that he could help restaurant owners save money by creating his very own low cost food takeout and delivery app. Lorenzo came up with the name FullPlate, had a logo designed and purchased a ready-made app clone but unfortunately it didn’t work well and the app laid dormant. In 2018, Lorenzo mentioned the idea to longtime friend Jasper Mills, a graduate of Union College and Albany Law School, who is a very accomplished lawyer and successful businessman for 15 plus years. Jasper said he liked the concept and evoked some things that would possibly improve the app idea.

In early 2019, ready to resign from his day job to pursue this venture, Lorenzo told Jasper that he decided to go full-time with the app idea in which Jasper immediately wanted to become a business partner and invest into the app. Jasper was not only looking to invest but wanted to bring on a massive idea and incorporate another major service to the food app called “Dine In” Dine In consists of a customer placing their entire dine in order through the app on a cell phone to a participating restaurant of their choice regardless of dine in party size. They would select a time/day, their own individual meals and pay for it all on the app. Once the dine in reservation was confirmed the patron would head to the restaurant and be seated within minutes to their table with their order already on the table. Bypassing wait times, areas and a long ordering process. This new feature would be convenient and efficient for restaurants and customers alike.

In August of 2019, Lorenzo and Jasper became co-founders, they officially incorporated FullPlate as business and set off on developing a robust new app that included Takeout, Dine In and Delivery. Unfortunately, the first six months were fruitful until the developers couldn’t meet the demands of such a high end app and they were let go. Upon looking for another development team to create this app the world was hit with a Pandemic which abruptly halted day to day activities and immediately impacted restaurants everywhere. This time was a bit tough as the app was again laying dormant. But in May 2020, regrouping and faced with an obstacle of restaurants being shut down during the Pandemic, Jasper came up with an idea to implement FullPlate with a 100% COVID compliant and contact free ordering system. Jasper and Lorenzo both agreed that this would be the future way of restaurant ordering off of a mobile device in which being safe and compliant was mandatory.

In June of 2020, FullPlate filed a provisional patent that spells out the unique covid compliant/contact free dining app and system. In August of 2020, FullPlate welcomed Tom Bombarger, to the team, who became an investor and FullPlate’s Director of Sales. Tom who is a vital piece to the company, is a very successful sales executive and relationship builder that brings in 20 plus years of experience. A graduate of Canisius College, Tom has successfully managed numerous businesses including owning a bar. With all the pieces in place FullPlate filed for a 20 year exclusive non-provisional patent and will launch on The App and Google Play Stores in early 2021.